Permax Permit service is one of the top permit companies in the province of Quebec. We distinguish ourselves with a professional team that provides quality services. Day after day we devote ourselves to offering the superior service to you in the form of transport licence, temporary licences, IRP registrations, fuel tax reports, administration of the various laws and several other services too numerous to list. We also offer fast registration with the Quebec Transport Commission (see Canada -> Quebec).

We strive to stay ahead of the competition by offering you products and services adapted to any new industry regulations as soon as they are implemented. Our primary goal is to be the leader in our field by keeping in mind the reason of our existence: customer�s satisfaction.

Since it�s creation in 1986, the Permax team has worked vigorously to ensure its clients are kept fully informed of any regulatory changes that may effect them. They constantly develop new services and products that aid our clients in conforming to all Laws and Regulations that govern the Transport Industry.

If you are a transport company operating with Canada and/or the United States, the Permax team can help. To have a more information truck carrier authority visit our site map